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EOS Surfaces Launches First Copper Oxide-Infused Solid Surface Countertop

Yesterday, EOS Surfaces, LLC launched its latest product, Cupron Enhanced EOS, at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo in Chicago. Over the past fourteen months, the Company has been working with Cupron, Inc. on the development of a new countertop material based on a solid surface platform with the integration of Cupron’s Copper Oxide antimicrobial technology. Cupron is a patent-protected proprietary copper-based technology that harnesses the superior antimicrobial powers of copper within a polymer structure. Cupron technology is currently being used in wound care and in the textile, cosmetics, and polymer industries. EOS’ strategic alignment with Cupron will make Cupron Enhanced EOS the world’s first copper-oxide infused solid surface countertop.

Cupron, Inc. improves people`s lives by transforming ordinary products into extraordinary products. Every day they focus on implementing new ways their technology can help solve some of the world`s larger health and lifestyle issues. Among other places, Cupron has been featured in The Wall Street Journal (click here) and has participated in humanitarian efforts. In October 2010, Cupron’s socks were given to the Chilean miners on day 36 of them being trapped in the mines, playing a major role in protecting the miners’ feet and helping enhance their well-being. Click here to learn more.

To date, Cupron has 3 registrations with the EPA that permit the use of Cupron Technology across all non-invasive applications. Currently these registrations permit anti-odor, product protection, and anti-dustmite “public health” claims language. Cupron also has an FDA listing for Cupron Enhanced anti-odor hospital bed linens and a European CE Mark for the use of a Cupron Enhanced anti-viral mask effective against H1N1 and avian influenza viruses.

For cosmetic applications, Cupron has achieved recognition by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Index (“INCI”), where Cupron Copper Oxide has been recognized as a trade name and Cuprous Oxide recognized as official INCI name. EOS Surfaces, with Cupron, Inc, is currently engaged in ongoing consultation with the EPA and we will bring you updates as we proceed through this process.

EOS Surfaces is excited about the potential this new partnership brings both the company and the industry!


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