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Antimicrobial Copper-Infused Countertop in The Hospitalist

New Infection-Control Weapons Emerge

by Larry Beresford

New technology that infuses a copper oxide into hard surfaces or fabrics in order to boost infection control could soon become a major weapon in hospitals, according to the CEOs of two Virginia companies now developing such technologies.

Cupron (http://www.cupron.com/), based in Richmond, Va., provides the infusion of a proprietary copper oxide compound into such hard surfaces as flooring, countertops, building components, and furniture, and into fabrics such as gowns, uniforms, and linens, says company chairman Paul Rocheleau. Cupron is partnering with EOS Surfaces (http://eos-surfaces.com/cupron/), based in Portsmouth, Va., a developer of solid countertop surfaces, which company president Ken Trinder says are thicker than comparable building products.

Together, the companies are seeking approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to market these products with registrations for their public health claims of preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The products recently were tested against Staphylococcus and Enterobacter bacteria, with 99.9% effectiveness in killing organisms, Rocheleau says.

“It is well known that copper has the ability to kill pathogens,” he adds. “What’s new are the methods to deliver that technology.”

For Complete Article: http://www.the-hospitalist.org/details/article/2360111/New_Infection-Control_Weapons_Emerge.html

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