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EOS Solid Surfaces for Your Home

If you are looking for a solid surface product that is the absolute best value, beautiful to look at, and superior to all other solid surface products, then you are looking for EOS Solid Surface.

Solid surfaces in general have always offered the homeowner enormous benefits when it comes to seamless installations, integrated bowls, and a hygienic non-porous surface. EOS, however, greatly increases those advantages by incorporating them into a much stronger, aesthetically deeper, and more functional value.

EOS makes an ideal kitchen countertop for any homeowner. For those looking for a renewable, non-porous, maintenance-free and seamless countertop, EOS is the perfect fit. With its 1 ¼” thickness EOS gives a much deeper and substantial feel than the industry standard ½” thick solid surface countertop. With the possibility of an integrated seamless bowl and coved backsplash, an EOS countertop can provide you with an incredibly hygienic, yet sophisticated, countertop for your home.

With colors that mimic many quartz countertop aesthetics, there is an EOS Solid Surface color for every kitchen. There are over 40,000 EOS sheets in homeowners’ kitchens looking as good today as they did the first day they were installed.

Warranty Information and Registration

EOS warrants through the fabricator to the original owners of installed EOS products for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation that the EOS material will be free from manufacturing defects. To learn more or register for this limited warranty, you or the EOS Authorized Installer must fill out the warranty registration card or call or write EOS to obtain a registration form. Or you may register online.

The Colors of EOS

the colors of EOS

Soothing earth tones. The vibrant colors of sea, sand and sky. Quiet neutrals. EOS offers a strong range of todays popular colors.

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Care & Cleaning

Care & Cleaning

Our products are made to withstand the rigors of everyday countertop use.

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