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GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces for Commercial Use

Looking for a surface that will set your commercial job apart from everybody else? The stunning aesthetic and environmental friendliness of GEOS Recycled Glass Surface is unrivaled in commercial applications.

With its sparkly pieces of recycled glass and incredible strength and durability, GEOS outshines and outperforms every other recycled glass countertop in the market. GEOS uses proprietary resin binders so it does not require sealing. It is proven to be superior to Portland cement based recycled glass products. Plus as a sustainable choice, you will receive LEED credits when using GEOS on your project.

GEOS production is currently transitioning to an improved new aesthetic. These changes are being made to enhance the size of our glass particulate and emphasize the crushed recycled glass nature inherit to the product. As we transition, there will be a limited supply of the first-generation material. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we are excited about the launch of our newly improved color palette. These changes will not affect the superior performance of GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces.

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