GEOS Warranty

EOS warrants through the fabricator to the original owners of installed GEOS products for a period of fifteen years (Five for commercial) from the date of installation that the GEOS material will be free from manufacturing defects. If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, EOS will, at its option, replace the defective EOS products at no cost to the end user. The fabricator of the countertops reserves the right to repair the defect in a workmanlike manner should they judge that the material is repairable.

Download the GEOS Warranty (PDF)

Warranty Registration

To register for this limited warranty, you or the GEOS Authorized Installer must fill out the warranty registration by clicking on the link below and completing the online form.

Online Warranty Registration Form

To Obtain Service Under this Warranty

To obtain service under this limited warranty please complete the Warranty Service Form.

The Colors of GEOS

the colors of GEOS

GEOS is offered in a wide range of evocative tones that are flecked with jewels of color.

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Care & Cleaning

Care & Cleaning

Our products are made to withstand the rigors of everyday countertop use.

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